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Abby Chau

In order to focus our resources on the most valuable features and bug fixes, the CF CLI team periodically announces the end of support for older Cloud Controller (CC) API versions. The current CF CLI is backwards compatible to CF 203 / CC API 1.23, from March 2015.

Going forward, we want to give users a more predictable annual cycle for cf CLI version support cut-offs so you can plan accordingly. We also want to tighten up this timeline so the CF CLI team can narrow its focus to fewer CC API versions without unduly disrupting your use of CF.

To this end, moving forward, CF CLI will only maintain support as far back as the previous year’s CF Certification, and we've also add additional cushion to enable a more seamless upgrade process. Older CF CLI versions compatible with older CF releases will continue to be available. However, upon the new year, the first CLI release of that year will remove all code pertaining to unsupported releases.

Starting in 2018, CF CLI will only support:

  • Previous Year’s CF Certification: CF Certification 2017

  • CF Release in January 2017: v251 (CAPI Release: 1.15.0 (APIs 2.69.0 and 3.4.0)

Starting in 2019, CF CLI will only support:

  • Previous Year’s CF Certification: CF Certification 2018

  • CF-Deployment Release in January 2018: v1.7.0. (CF Release in January 2018: v284)

  • CAPI Release on January 1st, 2018: 1.46.0 (APIs 2.100.0 and 3.35.0)

The CF CLI team welcomes any feedback you may have regarding this. We can be reached via this email, or on Slack at #cli. Thanks!


CF CLI team



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