[cf-dev] CF CLI v6.39.0 Released Today

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[cf-dev] CF CLI v6.39.0 Released Today

Abby Chau
Hey everyone,

The CF CLI team released cf CLI v6.39.0 today; please see release notes for full details. 

Highlights include: 

Refactors (rewrites):

Buildpacks-related commands
  • In order to prepare for the buildpack - stack association feature (see below), the CLI embarked on a rewrite (refactor) of a subset of buildpacks-related (create-buildpack, update-buildpack, and rename-buildpack) commands. User-facing changes include promoting consistency, improving error messages, and enhancing the UX to provide additional information. 
Create-org command
  • We also refactored the `create-org` command to prepare for work on fixing an existing issue with creating orgs whilst logged with client credentials. (see below)

Buildpacks association with stacks feature
  • In order to help with the transition to cflinuxsf3 in April 2019, stack association with buildpack is introduced in this release. Buildpacks can now have the same name, as long as they are associated with a unique stack.  Several buildpacks-related commands (update-buildpack, rename-buildpack, and delete-buildpack now take a `-s` flag to disambiguate buildpacks that have the same name. 

Services-related features 
  • `cf bind-service` and `cf unbind-service` now supports asynchronous operations
  • `cf share-service` and `cf unshare-service` are no longer experimental features

Enhancements and bug fixes
  • `cf auth` now supports the `--origin` option to log into different identity providers
  • `cf start`, `cf restart`, `cf restage` have been updated to use the new v3 `cf app` display
  • fixes an issue with internal domains as your default domain: if you are using internal domains, and the internal domain is the first domain created, the CLI will ignore the internal domain and when you run `cf push` will choose the next non-internal domain to map your app
  • bug fix for a `brew install cf-cli` issue for users using the unreleased master branch of Homebrew
  • bug fix for users logging in with client credentials, now `create-org` properly assigns the user role to the client id

Contributors:  An Yu, Sebastian Vidrio, Anande Gaitonde, Thomas Viehman, Alex Zhao, Abby Chau, Spencer Hawley, Renee Chu, Nick Guerette, Ryan Tang, William Murphy

Special Guests: Buildpacks team (for help with the buildpack-stack association feature), SAPI London team (for pull requests and the async operation work), SAP and UAA Team (for help with the `cf auth` `--origin` work)


Please contact us on the #cli channel on Cloud Foundry Slack. Alternatively, respond directly to this email.


Abby and the CLI team



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