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Keshav Sharma-2

Hi cf-dev,

CF-K8s-Networking-Release v0.2.0 has been cut!

Release Highlight

  • Platform Operator can verify that cf-for-k8s leverages Istio 1.6.x version details

What was included in CF-K8s-Networking-Release v0.1.0?

Release Highlights

Basic Ingress Routing:

  • Alana can confirm that Istio objects and Services describing CC Routes are represented in the K8s API details
  • Cody can confirm that an application on cf-for-k8s is accessible to end users via basic HTTP routing details
  • Cody can map/create routes that have FQDNs that are longer than 63 characters details
  • Cody can confirm that wildcard routes get successfully created on cf-for-k8s details
  • Cody can confirm that ingress TLS is configured for the “default” app domain for a vanilla installation of cf-for-k8s details

Securing app and system component communications:

  • Alana can confirm that all communication between metacontroller and route syncer are encrypted and mutually authenticated (via sidecars) details
  • Alana can confirm that connections between istio control- plane components are encrypted details
  • Cody can confirm that ensure that all communications between system components and between apps are encrypted and mutually authenticated (via sidecars) details

Exposing networking sub-system metrics:

  • Alana can identify memory usage of ingress router by looking at metrics details
  • Alana can use prometheus to see details such as number of http, and tcp connections being made by the incoming traffic details
  • Alana can confirm that envoy is receiving up-to-date information from istio control plane details

CF-K8s Networking



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