[cf-dev] CF-Networking and Silk release 2.31.0

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[cf-dev] CF-Networking and Silk release 2.31.0

Josh Russett

Hi cf-dev!


New CF-Networking and Silk releases were cut.


CF-Networking release highlights:

  • C2C DNS Lookups are not case-sensitive (See Issue #76)
  • Service Discovery Controller's open_files ulimit increased to 65535 (See PR #80)
  • Introduce a delay between on retries between the bosh-dns-adapter and the Service Discovery Controller (See PR #81)
  • Built with go1.14.4
  • Tested with silk-release v2.31.0


Silk release highlights:

  • None!
  • Tested with cf-networking-release v2.31.0



CloudFoundry Networking Program



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