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[cf-dev] CFP tracker and #jobs on CF Slack

Swarna Podila

Hi Everyone, please note:

  1. I’ve shared a spreadsheet on CF Slack with a list of tech conferences, dates, and CFP deadlines, etc. I’ll be adding more to the list as I learn about other conferences; so please check in often. I’ve pinned the post to the slack channel so folks can find it easily.
  2. Please do check the posts/updates in #jobs channel in CF Slack; whether for yourself or for a friend.  And please feel free to share those in your social networks.


Thank you!

-- ​Swarna Podila (she/her)

​Senior Director​, Community​ | Cloud Foundry Foundation

[hidden email]


You can read more about pronouns here, or please ask if you'd like to find out more.




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