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[cf-dev] Community help needed: CFCD version 2 Beta testing

Chip Childers
Hi all!

Many thanks to those that helped with the early functional testing of the new CFCD v2 exam! We've moved into beta testing now, and are looking for people that want to attempt the certification test for free. It's a bit easier than version 1, and set to launch right before summit. It's also a three year certification, vs version 1's 2 years.

Beta testing will be the full exam experience, but pass / fail will be determined after we have enough exam takers to set the "cut score" for passing and get the exam fully launched by September.

If interested, signup in this form -> https://forms.gle/JqRRaB6WA5DTkPa2A

You will need to sign up this week, and then we'll share instructions ASAP for you to register in the system to take the exam.

Chip Childers, CTO
Cloud Foundry Foundation


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