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[cf-dev] UAA.yaml envvar substitution

Szerdahelyi, Andras (GE Digital)
Hi cf-dev,

i am trying to bootstrap UAA 4.6.1 with an admin user password from the environment. i tried providing the entire scim.users array item and just the password in the pipe-delimited string in said array item, with zero success.

when a complete scim.users item is coming from an envvar ( - ${ADMIN_USER} ), i get a “password cannot be empty” exception and uaa fails to deploy in the container. When i place only the password token ( - admin|${ADMIN_PASSWORD}|... ) i simply can not authenticate with $ADMIN_PASSWORD.

hardcoding an scim.users value works without a problem.

my question then would be this: is envvar substitution allowed for an array item ( - $ITEM ) and/or is envvar substitution allowed/enabled in a string in an array item ( - foo..${BAR} ) ?

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