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Shubha Anjur Tupil
Hello all, 

The routing team just cut release 0.175.0 with a few bug fixes and an update of routing-release to Golang 1.10.1. Release highlights here

- Operators can now configure the manifest property `router.sanitize_forwarded_proto: true` to sanitize the X-Forwarded-Proto HTTP header in a request when `router.force_forwarded_proto_https` is set to `false`. We recommend setting the property to `true` if the Gorouter is the first component to terminate TLS, and setting it to `false` when your load balancer is terminating TLS and setting the X-Forwarded-Proto header details. The issue was identified by Aaron Huber. Thanks Aaron! 
- Gorouter and dependencies have been updated to Golang 1.10.1 details
- Fixed an issue where the Gorouter was temporarily(for 30 seconds) removing backends from the pool of available backends when a downstream client closes the connection while the request is still being processed. This could lead to temporary application unavailability details
- Fixed a bug where `request_timeout_in_seconds` was being set per connection and not per request, leading to requests timing out while the request is still being processed details. Thanks Swetha Repakula and Richard Johnson for identifying, submitting a PR and helping with testing the fix for this issue.  
- Fixed a bug where the router was temporarily(for 30 seconds) not removing a backend from the pool of available backends when a backend application instance was misbehaving (e.g. closing the connection or crashing). Operators would see 502 errors in the Gorouter logs details

Shubha & Shannon 
CF Routing, Product Managers


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